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Help A Biz Lynk ChipIn CampaignSupport Local Small Businesses
Your immediate contribution is needed in order for us to continue providing valuable services and programs to small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, associations and non-profits in the community. The center relies heavily on community and corporate sponsorships to advance local businessess. Without proactive contributions and ongoing participation of our partners and sponsors we would not be able to keep our doors open to support the needs of growing businesses to contribute to the local economy.

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To see and hear the impression that we have already made in the community and to meet the businesses that we desire to continue to support, visit our YouTube Channel and watch our Trailer Video in the sidebar. –>

Anita Paul, Write Your Life, Chips In to Help A Biz.. LynkBusinesses Helping Businesses
Friends of The BizLynks Center are chipping in with special offerings to encourage others to get involved. A special thank you to Ms. Anita Paul, The Author’s Midwife, for donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her book Write Your Life during the month of October. Also, thank you to the creators of for giving free tickets to the Conquer Atlanta Conference, featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes and Robert Watkins to our Help A Biz.. Lynk supporters.

The giving hasn’t stopped though! Just in time for the holiday season, Mrs. Linda Minnick, LifeMastery Consultant, and Mrs. Natasha Davis-Bowen, Chief Visionary Officer of Visionary People, LLC. joined forces to provide their Vision Planning workshop and Business Development Boot Camp (respectively) for FREE to anyone that contributed $25 or more to the Help A Biz.. Lynk Campaign.
We truly appreciate all that small businesses are doing to ensure the success of the valuable programs offered through The BizLynks Center!

ChipIn to Help The BizLynks Center
Keeping Small Businesses in Business
The BizLynks Center is a first-class facility for progressive business owners and the perfect place to make quality connections. With an open business environment that creates a sense of community for the business professional, the facility serves as host to a variety of educational programs & networking events and is also available for rental by the business community.

We selected ChipIn! for our crowd funding tool because what you give is what we will receive (minus the credit card processing fee). No percentage has to be shared with a company for managing our campaign. To share your support, click the orange “ChipIn!” button on above. No amount is too small or too large. Thank you in advance.


Our Story

Pamela Adams opened The BizLynks Center in June 2011. But it all began 12 years earlier with a vision of a training center that would provide entrepreneurs with the training needed to grow their business and affordable resources and services to support their growing needs. Meanwhile, the coworking movement began and allowed businesses to work together in professional open workspaces instead of busy coffee shops and book stores.

After almost 25 years of providing technology and business consulting and training to businesses and non-profits, Pamela saw that a segment of the business community was being underserved. Microbusinesses were finding that their home office was not projecting a professional image for their business, yet they were not ready to maintain the overhead of an office suite alone. The BizLynks Center was designed to allow businesses to work for themselves but not by themselves, while sharing the facility, resources, administration and technology of the center. The greatest benefit that businesses experience from this type of community is the partnerships that grow out of regular collaboration with each other.


R. Pamela Adams - Chief Connection Officer of The BizLynks Center

R. Pamela Adams, CCO

Thank you…

for taking the time to learn about The BizLynks Center. We assist current and budding business owners, impact the local community, and connect with other businesses to collaborate and provide valuable services that contribute in enhancing our global community. Take the journey with us, help us keep the dream alive and lets work together to develop and maintain a connection that will become a critical “Lynk” in the success of new businesses and our financial vitality and economic stability.



Note: The BizLynks Center is not a non-profit entity. Contributions are not tax deductible so please donate purely out of the desire to support our efforts detailed above.


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